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Keeping your staff engaged and loyal in the current climate is vital. To achieve a motivated and enjoyable workplace, rewards are a great incentive. Who doesn’t want to be shown that their efforts are greatly appreciated? Here is why rewarding your employees with money can’t buy experiences will take your team’s productivity to the next level.

72% of millennials prefer experiences rather than buying material items, even better when these events are unforgettable.

Choosing the best experience for each employee is a difficult task. One may love football; one may enjoy Ed Sheeran, and don’t forget ‘Dave from accounts’, who is a secret NFL fan! So, any manager needs to cover all bases and offer their employees a wide range of experiences. Club Wembley provides all of this and more.

What’s the benefit for you, the manager? The realisation from the other employees that they missed out! And they see their successful colleague sharing an FA Cup final visit on Instagram. Or singing to Harry Styles on Tiktok. If the FOMO doesn’t motivate the rest of the team then nothing will.

So: A fantastic reward, a wide range for everyone to enjoy, money can’t buy experiences. If only there were a place that ticked all the boxes…

Club Wembley has a wide range of options for staff entertainment including our Centre Circle membership, offering halfway-line seats, premium hospitality, and lifelong memories. Centre Circle is all-inclusive so you would not have to worry about any hidden costs on the day. Just provide your staff member with the all-important ticket and let them enjoy their well-earned day out.

With football’s biggest matches and a full calendar of music, the NFL, and our CW Connections events. Club Wembley is a necessity for your business.

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