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Aron Heath - Operations General Manager for hospitality at Wembley Stadium

We spoke to Aron Heath who looks after all things hospitality at Wembley Stadium

“There’s nowhere better or bigger!”

Although Aron Heath has always had a passion for sporting events, he never imagined that one day he’d be shaking hands with his heroes such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton as part of his day job. 

Starting off his career with a military background, Aron had the honour of serving with both HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry during his 23 years in the Army, working his way up to retire as a Regimental Sergeant Major. Aron’s exposure to demanding hospitality events in the Army meant there was no better person to be the Operations General Manager to help run the huge-scale, high-quality events at the iconic Wembley Stadium. 

For Aron, work at Wembley Stadium means no two days are ever the same. “The variety of this role at Wembley means that the hospitality here involves everything from a plate of sandwiches for a manager’s dressing room to five-course fine dining in the One Twenty Club – and every type of food and beverage offer in between!“

It’s this huge variety that is by far the best thing about Aron’s role. “Within the space of less than 2 months, we will have delivered the Rugby Challenge Cup Final, an England football international, a Spurs home game against Liverpool, World Championship Boxing, a Spurs Champions League game against Barcelona and 3 huge NFL games! Who would not be excited about being a part of all those!”

A career highlight was being a part of the Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko World Heavyweight Boxing Championship in April 2017. Aron recounts the electric atmosphere in the Stadium that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, as he realised he was about to watch history in the making during this momentous sporting event. In fact, half an hour before the big fight itself, AJ requested an espresso to be taken to his dressing room. “The look on my managers face when he returned and told the story of him sharing small talk with Anthony Joshua while he stood there in his white robe and hand wraps sipping an espresso just before the biggest fight of his life will always stay with me and I’m sure with him too!”

Another favourite memory for Aron was watching the legendary AC/DC perform and see the audience come to life, he remembers standing on the One Twenty veranda looking out across the stadium, as “the crowd dancing to the music made it look like the stadium was moving, it really was incredible.”

Working at Club Wembley offers Aron a chance to be a part of something huge, not just in terms of the momentous events he witnesses, but the dining experiences beforehand are some of the biggest anywhere in the world: “The Bobby Moore Club is one of the largest a la carte restaurants operating anywhere. On an average match day, 750 guests are served a three-course menu in two and a half hours – that’s 2,250 plates of food served in 150 minutes – or 15 plates of food served every minute!”

But the smooth running of such high-quality hospitality could only be made possible with a team of dedicated people. Aron says, “all of my team, without exception, are so committed to delivering the very best they possibly can for each and every event. It’s quite humbling for me.”

To experience Club Wembley hospitality for yourself and to be a part of epic sporting and music events, find out about our five tiers of different membership. As Aron puts it: “There really is nothing like it”.